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What’s a web feed?

A “web feed” is a free content feed coming from a website.

Why subscribe to a web feed?

A web feed enables you to receive the latest news from a selection of websites without having to go to these websites.

You can gather in one place all the news from different websites offering a web feed. You no longer have to go and check if your favorite websites have been updated: News comes to you automatically.

How to subscribe?

There are various ways to read web feeds. There are standalone applications for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) or websites collecting all your web feeds, allowing you to access them from anywhere. These tools can be called “News readers”, “Feed readers”, “News aggregators”…

We recommend Bloglines.

All you need is the address of the web feed for a particular website. There may be several web feeds for a given website, providing theme-related content or feeds in different languages or formats (different flavours of RSS or Atom). For instance here on badreputation.fr we offer two feeds: one in French and one in English, both contain the same information. Select the link you want and add it to your feed reader.

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