Artist > THE FLASH


Credits: Williams Bonbon




Longwy, northeast of France, country of enamels and also new rough diamond: The Flash.
Two longoviciens brothers, educated by their music-loving grandfather, develop an insatiable envy to make some music. Thomas and Simon wiped the same benches of the nursery school as Elise. The trio finds itself at the high school in 2008 and at the end of a meal organized by their respective parents, Elise shows a video to both brothers. On the latter, she sings by strumming on a guitar. Impressed, the boys are going to ask to Elise to record a demo. From the listening, they are conquered and the trio decides to record that very evening a new version more succeeded. In June of the same year, Elise presents Lucas to Simon. The young guitarist, very shy, is invited the weekend to come to repeat with the trio. The quartet so composed begins to occur in small private parties. During one of them, a friend close to Thomas and Simon, invites Fabien, a motivated bass player. Older than the young members of the group and incited by the produced musical quality, Fabien suggests offering his services(departments) and his expérience to give more structure, shaping and work to this incredible talent. He was far from thinking of the scale which would take this project when his first question fused: " Do you want to make some music seriously? " The links build up themselves very fast. The osmosis is made with no problem at all. The rehearsals are linked and from February 2009, the first concert falls. It will be surrealist. More than 300 persons attend the representation of this new phenomenon. It is necessary to say that in this region bruised by the end of the steel industry, people are eager to meet of the enjoyment and some comfort. And it is what the music very seventies of The Flash proposes. Their youth takes everything on its passage. The Flash, it is a musical provocation made to crackle and provoke positive reactions. Being inspired by big names of the pop rock of the years 60-70 (Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Syd Barrett, Hendrix), The Flash knows how to dive into its roots to spit out them in a modern musical aesthetics. Since 2009, The Flash enquille concerts, springboards, which it gains easily (in particular Purple Idols in the Luxembourg) and makes a mini-tour in Ireland. Michel Ruer from Radio Aria in France discovers them. And hatches them as the real hen. The Flash enters then 2011 in studio to record 5 titles under the cowlick of Yann Klimezyk (My Pollux) in Nancy at My Studio. Michel Ruer begins the steps to find a label capable of welcoming these protected young people. He sends 3 titles to Bad Reputation. The effect is immediate. The first meeting is fast taken. Bad Reputation suggests signing the group as producer. 5 titles of the E.P require the second reading, the new mixing and the mastering new. He suggests to The Flash returning to studio in Nancy, recording 6 other tracks with the producer of the White Stripes and the Love Me Nots, Jim Diamond, and to remodel the grips of the first five titles. The group welcomes this piece of news with enjoyment and anxiety. Jim Diamond's CV frightens them a little and the combo of Longwy is afraid of not being for the height. In one week full, The Flash is going to learn a lot, sometimes abandoning long solos for the benefit of harmonies, or giving up runways for the benefit of more effective marked out paths. Jim Diamond takes with him the bands in Detroit and begins the mixing in June, 2012. The tracks are masterised then in Paris. Now It’s time for THE FLASH to spread its wings.