"The right band in the right city at the right time."- Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock)

"Without an ounce of filler, King Lizard looks to single-handedly revitalize the London rock scene." (Sleaze Roxx)
In 2002 London's rock scene changed forever...
One dark and windy day, nineteen year old singer Flash Roxx found an egg. He took the egg with him everywhere: To the pub, to work and even to band practice. Flash and his friends contemplated where the egg came from. And, at one particular band practice, from the warmth of his denim jacket, the King Lizard hatched.
Eight years later, King Lizard, in the form of Flash Roxx, Niro Knox and Alice Rain, headlined their own tours, sold-out venues, toured with the stars and won awards. With a recent single and video release, and an imminent debut ablum, the Rock Scene is about to turn a new chapter.
King Lizard are more than just another Rock n' Roll band. They understand their musical roots, but are also prepared to put in the hard work to create their unique sound and very high standard entertainment.
The recording of debut album "Viva La Decadence" was completed with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Anvil) and Andy Brook. The songs show a more mature sound whilst retaining much of that old school rock n' roll influence.
King Lizard's live performances ooze confidence, have great musicianship and the fan-base increases with every gig.
King Lizard even received the thumbs up from Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx who claimed they were "BAD ASS"